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36 ft - Albatros

36 ft - Albatros


The ALBATROS is the boat whose design philosophy and basic characteristics are laid out in our publication “La barca da viaggio/ The blue water yacht” which we advise reading to those who are interested to know more about this type of boat. The title itself summarises the navigation programme: off shore cruises that may also be quite demanding. Moreover, the boat is also expected to be suitable for navigation with a small crew or for single-handed cruising, with a reduced draft in order to enter small ports, and to be sufficiently agile and lively, so as not to require intensive use of the motor. As for its design philosophy, we feel it may be described as “moderate”, i.e. neither too conservative nor totally innovative: we have refrained from extreme solutions, convinced that, also for boats, virtue stands in the middle. Its lines may be defined as classical, but the design of the hull, keel and sail plan is modern, the displacement is medium, but slightly higher than average compared to more recent mass production boats of the same size; the interior has been studied not with an aim to house as many people as possible, but rather to offer maximum comfort and functionality to a smaller crew. Ample space is available for stowing useful objects to take with you during long trips. Construction is in strip planking - which seems the most logical choice for a boat of this size built to unit.
It may also be built by an amateur constructor, but he must realize that the construction of a boat of this size is not exactly a sort of adventure that may be faced light-heartedly.



Length: 11,00 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani
Round hull, strip planking construction
Produced by Ninfa Yachts

Building skills: expert

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