• Construction courses

    For many years, starting from 1992 until 2008, BCA-Demco organized building courses for small plywood boats with some regularity. The building courses, which took place over two weekends, were held in Cernobbio (CO), the design courses in our headquarters in Milan. Beyond their training and educational content, these courses were a pleasant opportunity to meet many enthusiasts and allowed the creation of numerous boats (especially ten-foot boats, but also other dinghies, canoes and prams), many of which are still sailing today. To give an idea of ​​how our courses are carried out, we provide a small photo gallery of our experiences.

  • Design courses

    The design courses were held regularly and successfully from 1999 to 2008. Generally they were set over two consecutive weekends in which together with the students we worked full-time on the development of a design theme: the most recurring themes we have dedicated were: a travel sailing boat of around 11 m, a small trimaran for coastal cruising, a racing boat in the Micro and Mini Transat classes. During the weekend the students, divided into small teams, prepared the preliminary design of their vessel, examining all the aspects that the nautical architect examines in the first phase of the design spiral. The students also had the opportunity to learn and familiarize themselves with yacht design software. These courses, which took place in our headquarters in via Ricciarelli, were also a pleasant opportunity for socialization between enthusiasts who often remained in contact with us even after the course was over.

  • Other courses

    More sporadic experiences were other courses that we carried out in the first years of our business: we remember two boat restoration courses and a weekend course on the construction of half-hulls.

  • Other educational activities

    Since the first years of its activity, BCA-Demco has received proposals to collaborate on educational initiatives in schools or on social and educational initiatives. We have almost always accepted and favored them. Most of the time our collaboration was limited to the provision of plans, teaching materials and telephone assistance but in some cases we were involved more directly, always experiencing, in these cases, interesting experiences from a human point of view. We remember, among others, the construction of a small boat in the juvenile prison of Bologna and the many initiatives carried out in collaboration with a cooperative for the rehabilitation of drug addicts in Rimini.