Demco Design

  • We are pleased to point out the only non-nautical activity that BCA-Demco has undertaken. The initiative was born following our presence in Senegal with the activity of designers and technical assistants for the local subsidiary that managed the shipyard. After a few years in which this subsidiary operated exclusively in the nautical field (building boats and organizing tourist excursions) it became clear that the sector was too small to offer continuity of work to the staff who in the meantime had been trained in wooden construction techniques. The company therefore decided to broaden its field of activity by dedicating itself to the construction of furniture and furnishings. BCA-Demco actively collaborated in this activity both by designing the furniture and by offering the Senegalese company its technical and organizational support for their production. This activity was carried out under the Demco Design brand. In the initial period of this activity we also worked to promote the furniture we designed and produced in Senegal on the Italian market. In this context we have participated for a few years in events outside the Salone during the weeks of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The creations of Demco Design were presented at the Fabbrica del Vapore in 2013, in the following years we also organized in our exhibition space an exhibition on Senegalese design and an exhibition in which we exhibited the results of a design competition aimed at Italian and Senegalese students from we organized. The activity of Demco Design essentially ceased when the manufacturing of furniture in Senegal, at the time managed by one of our subsidiaries, passed to totally Senegalese management. We are pleased that even with this new management, the interior and garden furniture of our design continues to be offered on the Senegalese market and is popular with the public. You can see them on the website .

  • Demco Design products

    The two most popular product lines are:
    - the furniture from the "Pirogue" series, which combines techniques typical of the modern construction of wooden boats with the use for some elements of colorful and picturesque boards obtained from traditional Senegalese pirogues,
    - Wax furniture, in which solid or laminated wood is combined with wax fabrics, also characterized by bright colours, widespread throughout Africa.

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