Ninfa Yachts

  • Ninfa Yachts is the brand under which we have for a certain period marketed some sailing boats of our own design and built under our supervision in an artisan shipyard in Turkey.

  • Our marketing activity has ended but the boats we illustrate here are still offered by the Turkish shipyard Barbaros Teknecilik ( ) which you can contact for further information.
    The plans of both boats are also available in our catalog for amateur construction under the names Daysailer 24 and Albatros 36. Both plans are aimed at expert builders.
    Here we limit ourselves to summarizing the "philosophy" that inspires Ninfa Yachts boats.
    The examples that were created have been extensively tested in navigation to the full satisfaction of the owners.

  • Philosophy

    Ninfa Yachts is aimed at an audience of enthusiasts and connoisseurs who, in addition to loving the sea and sailing, also appreciate the aesthetic and cultural aspects of a boat.
    They are not satisfied with sailing but seek "beautiful sailing", on boats that have the charm of classic and timeless lines and which are born as unique objects with attention to every detail and quality craftsmanship.
    The boats we present fall into the category of "modern classics".


Daphne 24

These are boats of modern conception, whose design incorporates all the most recent developments in the knowledge and technologies available, but with a classic appearance and aesthetics. Elegance is an indispensable feature of these boats, as is the quality of construction and finishes.
Italian design is synonymous with taste and refinement, the hulls are made by a shipyard in Istanbul which boasts a long tradition of wooden construction and proven expertise in the use of modern techniques, the equipment, accessories and sails are of the best internationally known brands. Our boats, despite this attention to the aesthetic side, are not made to be admired but are intended for those who love to sail intensely, enjoying on smaller boats the thrill of brilliant performance on cruise boats, being able to count on the safety and seaworthiness of authentic “blue water yachts”.

Although equipped with everything that makes navigation safe, pleasant and comfortable, the boats are simple, without the excessive and questionable frills found in many boats of today. There isn't much that is innovative in our boats but in every detail we have looked for reliability and practicality, which is often achieved by choosing the simplest and most tested solutions.

The construction system is strip-planking, the most widespread of modern wooden construction techniques, which combines the charm of wooden construction with the use of modern materials, such as epoxy resins, which combine perfectly with wood, enhancing its natural physical and aesthetic qualities and extraordinary mechanical characteristics.


Calypso 36

The interiors retain all the charm and warmth of classic wooden boats while eliminating their disadvantages. The solidity, rigidity and durability are superior to those of a fiberglass boat and maintenance is equally reduced and easy. The construction technique is widely tested, efficient, relatively simple and is also in many respects the most ecological of the many nautical construction techniques.
The shipyard's experience is reflected in the attention to every detail and each boat is made ad hoc. The construction system makes each boat easily customizable based on customer requests.