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32 ft - Albatros

32 ft - Albatros


ALBATROS 32’ springs from the same inspiring principles of ALBATROS 36’, but to maintain its overall length within the limits for which no registration is required, everything is lower in scale, from the navigation plan to internal habitability and difficulties of construction. Even in this case, we have a very marked classical style, highlighted by a traditional deckhouse, by a heart-shaped transom and by a good amount of deck sheer, combined with modern characteristics which liven performance. It is a boat that has been studied for Mediterranean cruising, with frequent stops at ports, but also suitable to cover long passages of open sea and bravely face sudden weather changes. It affords sumptuous comfort for a couple, but even four people may stay comfortably with abundant space available. Its sail plan is the same as for its bigger sister: a fractional sloop rig – a solution which has, not by chance, become the most widespread nowadays – even on cruise boats, almost supplanting mast head rigs. There is the possibility of adding a gennaker or a code 0, for downwind sailing, hooking it onto a mobile bowsprit. This system, which was conceived for regattas, offers enormous advantages also to a cruise boat, allowing it to take advantage of the smallest breeze and by limiting the use of the motor. The construction method is with strip planking and, in view of the dimensions, even an amateur may take up the task without excessive effort and time – avoiding that his dream from becoming a nightmare.



Length: 9,80 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Round hull, strip planking construction

Building skills: expert

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