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26 ft - Albatros 26

26 ft - Albatros 26


The little brother of the ALBATROS series, still maintaining the general lines and setting of the other two models, is completely different for typology, characteristics and navigation program. It is, as the others, a sea boat that is able to safely face sudden weather changes, but its size makes it inevitably less suited for long or committing trips. The kitchen and the heads are inevitably smaller and the interior lay out is classical, with a V double berth at the bow, a saloon , with a lowerable table which affords a second double couchette and a single one, under the cockpit seats. Maximum habitability is for 5 people and, even if there are boats on the market that offer greater possibilities than this, we believe it is better to utilize the space for lockers and closets, rather than overloading the boat with people. To be exact, four is the right number of people to stay on an 8 m boat, with reasonable comfort. From the performance point of view, the boat has a generous sailing area and the lateral plane, though maintaining draft under 1,40 m, is sufficient.
Although it does not have any racing ambitions, the ALBATROS 26’ is also agile and capable of taking advantage even of light breezes. Construction is suitable for skilled amateurs, but in view of the lower dimensions, the time and effort required are about half than would be expected for an 11 m ALBATROS.



Length: 8,00 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Round hull, strip planking construction

Building skills: expert

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