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25 ft - Diapason 750

25 ft - Diapason 750


A 7,50 m length is, for a small cabin cruiser, a dimension which offers a great advantage and a few inconveniences. The advantage is that it represents the limit-dimension within which it is possible to build a trailable cabin cruiser, without straining its characteristics too much. Beyond this length it is difficult to design a boat whose beam and weight fall within the limits of trailability. On the other hand the inconvenient aspect is that the boat lacks internal space for comfort to be a real cruise boat, that is, standing height in the saloon, a suitable separate head and kitchen. It would be necessary only to have an extra meter and all these could be easily fitted in. The result is that many boats of this size are hybrids which try to combine all the characteristics among them which is incompatible, thus leading to poor results. In the DIAPASON we did not wish to strain things: it is a modern, sports boat with racy lines, very suitable for fast cruising. Internal living space is not that of a larger boat, but is ideal for a 7,50 m boat. There are four berths, a small essential kitchen and a WC. The two stern berths may also be used as seats around a folding table.
We have foreseen the possibility of an inboard motor, even if, with this type of dimension, an outboard motor offers some advantages. The boat, anyway, has been studied for sailing: even if the sail area is not excessive, it should reach good performance thanks to its rather narrow streamline hull. In order to limit the size of its internal centreboard trunk, we have foreseen a pivoting centreboard out of the hull. This prevents the boat from actually beaching but with a draft of about 65 cm and with the rudder up, it has easy access nearly everywhere. The construction is quite simple as it is made with the stitch and glue method, not only for the hull, but also the deckhouse; of this too, we supply the surface development plan.



Length: 7,50 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Chine hull, Plywood construction

Building skills: expert

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