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21 ft - Vila 650

21 ft - Vila 650


The Vila are female fairy figures in Slav mythology, similar to Greek nymphs. They control storms and live on fields, in ponds, in the ocean, on trees and clouds. They may take on different forms and appear as a swan, horse, wolf, as well as being very beautiful women. The pilot boat which we are proposing developed from a project tied to the Slav, Balkan world: of navigating, starting from Belgrade, the two rivers that meet in the Serb capital, the Danube, the Sava and their affluent.

This means thousands of kilometres of internal waters, not very exploited by leisure boating, but which offer numerous possibilities for touring and discovery. Obviously, the boat is also suitable for completely different types of navigation, for internal waters and the sea: it has, however, been conceived for long navigations which are rather fast, but peaceful, along the coast in protected waters. It is very suited to fishing, with some variants in deck layout or in the cockpit, which the constructor may carry out according to the fishing technique. The hull has an accentuated V shape at the bow, so as to allow it to pass smoothly over the wave, as it opens towards the stern, to favour planing, even at moderate speed. With 40 HP, the boat planes easily under normal load conditions (2 people).

The bow of the boat acts as a watertight and crash-box while in all the cockpit, a double bottom guarantees self-bailing and unsinkability. The interior layout foresees a 1,80 m high pilot-house which contains the protected steering gear and a small kitchen, and a double berth. To make the boat unsinkable, reserves of PVC foam guarantee floating even in case of collision. The construction method, a variant of the “stitch and glue” system, is also suitable for boat builders with little experience. The weight and dimension allow it to be transported easily.



Length: 6,50 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Chine hull, plywood construction

Building skills: medium

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