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21 ft - Paloma 650 open

21 ft - Paloma 650 open


The PALOMA, in its various versions, derives from a fruitful collaboration with our clients and, perhaps, also for this reason, it seems to have met the favour of the public. It all started from the request of a client who wanted an inboard motor boat, such as the GOZZO 540 but with a transom and was studied mainly to be used for fishing. Obviously, it is not sufficient just to cut-off a piece of the “gozzo” to obtain the right boat. In practice, all the hull has been re-designed in view of the new shape and, once the hull was changed, a few modifications were also added to the deckhouse. While we were designing it, a client who had come to see us, saw it and thought the hull would be ideal for the sort of boat he had in mind: an open sailing boat for family outings. We therefore took away the deckhouse and added a centreboard. It was then quite easy to realize that the boat, also for its dimensions, proved to be an attractive, traditional sail cabin cruiser with sufficient habitability. A third version has been developed and already a fourth model has been requested by a client, with Marconi equipment: we shall also prepare this one. All versions have the same hull, a very traditional hull, not suitable for boats which are expected to plane easily, but able to glide smoothly at medium speeds. A suitable motor for this boat is the inboard one (maximum 10 HP) if one wishes to use it with a motor, an outboard one if it is to be considered as a sailing boat. The interior of the deckhouse version is typical of a type of boat of this dimension: space is limited and used only for sleeping at night. Life on this boat takes place above all outside and for this reason, we have chosen a spacious cockpit and a deckhouse that was not too large (even for aesthetic reasons). The construction is in strip planking: not very difficult even if more time is needed if we compare it to a plywood construction.



Length: 6,50 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Round hull, strip planking construction

Building skills: medium-expert

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