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16 ft - Moschino

16 ft - Moschino


We illustrate the sociological and spiritual reasons that led us to indicate the Moschino as the ideal boat for many of us.
Let's now see the characteristics of what we present: it is inspired by the mosconi of which I retain a vague memory from the beautiful Ligurian summers of my childhood, between the 50s and 60s. Since we bathed on the rocks (and had a certain sense of superiority towards those who did it on the beach) I don't think I ever set foot on one of these boats, but sometimes some from the nearby beach approached our rocks and they wandered, languid and curious, in front of them. For my part, even then I was curious about this boat which conveyed a delightful sense of calm and serenity. Not having technical documentation on these boats, mine is reconstructed from memory, and I am sure I changed some details: for example the bottom was flat and not V-shaped. As for the umbrella, I don't remember it being there at all: perhaps then the hygienists didn't they still made sure to explain to us that the sun is bad for us. As for using this umbrella as a means of propulsion, the concept didn't even fit into the spirit of the fly. The fundamental difference between the original moscone and ours is that the first was essentially a static vehicle, while mine is a dynamic vehicle. There is also a practical reason for this choice: back then it was enough to move a few hundred meters away from the beach to find quiet and isolated places. Today, less than a mile from any beach it is very difficult to find refuge from the crowds and noise. Our moscone must therefore be able to move easily with oars (hence the V-shaped bottom and the refined lines of the hulls) and also be able to move under sail. The umbrella sail is also a childhood memory: I saw it in the first sailing manual that came into my hands, which unfortunately I never found again in my library. From an aerodynamic point of view there is no reason why it doesn't work and a certain lift is also created on beach umbrellas. Efficiency isn't the best but since we're at sea, on a moscone in which we've packed everything we need, maybe we're even in good company: what's the rush to get back to land?



Length: 5,00 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani
Chine hull, stitch and glue construction

Building skills: beginner

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