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15 ft - Schizzo

15 ft - Schizzo


The SCHIZZO was born out of an evolution of the Aladino, our old flat bottom motor boat and it shares to a large extent its design philosophy. The most substantial difference is that, instead of a flat bottom, the SCHIZZO has a V shape bottom. On the inside, it has a double bottom placed over the waterline which serves as a sole, to make the boat self- bailing and unsinkable. The space between the bottom and the double bottom is watertight and may be filled with PVC foam which, besides making it more rigid, ensures unsinkability even if there should be a hole in the hull. In view of major construction complexities compared to the Aladino (the flat bottom, as we know, is the simplest from the construction point of view), the SCHIZZO offers more advantages. Besides the ones that have been mentioned, we have to underline the better performance at sea. Compared to a flat bottom hull, a V one is smoother and more stable on the wave when planing. Considering the limited power applied, the deadris is moderate so as to facilitate the planing. As for the other aspects involved, it is pretty much like the Aladino: the boat is simple, essential, but with an elegant line. The motor power should be between 15 and 20 HP, which allows it to plane easily with 2/3 people on board. The weight is around 85 kg, therefore within the limits which allow it to be carried on top of a large-size car.



Length: 4,50 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani
Chine hull, plywood construction

Building skills: amateur

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