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10 ft - Zen

10 ft - Zen


ZEN is a 10' simple and quick to build designed for partecipate to the class regattas. For anyone who intends to use it more touristy we recommend the version with smaller sail area but we suggest you in this case to choose other 10' of our catalog that might be more suitable for the purpose. In the basic version the sail area is about 6 square meters, but the high stability of the boat allows those who want to excel in races to choose a larger surface area (up to 8 square meters that is the maximum allowed by the rating rules of the 10') with a longer mast.
The stitch and glue method used for the construction is really quick and minimize the finishing procedures.
This is achieved thanks to the fact that all the internal edges (which are the most difficult and take much time to finish) remain hidden in the watertight areas, which enables the construction to be "quick and dirty" limiting finishes outside of the hull.
The cockpit shape is rectangular for building simplicity.
It's not designed with a double bottom: although usually it gives considerable advantages but in this case it was incompatible with the low freeboard and the cockpit is quite small so it can be emptied rapidly in case of capsize, and, last but not least, the lack of the double bottom reduces the weight of the boat, giving a more performance dinghy and ease to carry and handle it.



Length: 2,98 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani
Chine hull, stitch and glue construction
Diecipiedi Class

Building skills: beginner

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