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10 ft - Scheggia

10 ft - Scheggia


The SCHEGGIA is narrow at waterline and therefore does not have great initial stability, but having very flared broadsides, stability increases considerably, as we have already said, when the boat starts to heel. It should behave well even with strong winds and be more tolerant in case of wrong manoeuvres; obviously, to gain the best performance, it is convenient to maintain it horizontal because, as soon as it heels, the hull becomes much wider and increases resistance.
SCHEGGIA has a sloop with main sail and jib which allows it to utilize nearly all the sail surface permitted by rating rules, with greater performance, above all when sailing close to the wind. From the construction point of view the boats do not present particular difficulties and thanks to the “stitch and glue” system, they may be built in quite a short time.



Length: 3,02 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani
Chine hull, stitch and glue construction
Diecipiedi Class

Building skills: beginner

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