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10 ft - Baby Baggie

10 ft - Baby Baggie


The premises of the BABY BAGGIE are completely different from those of the Ten-footers with a chine hull which we propose in the catalogue: with the BABY BAGGIE, cheapness and simplicity of construction have led to a choice of Ten-footer size, i.e. 3.05 m. This dimension, in any case, sets a reasonable limit to spending sprees. We have operated with absolute freedom in design and construction, together with a little less concern for economy. The highest goal of this boat is also to satisfy the aesthetic desires of having an elegant boat. The result is a classical profile, vaguely inspired by the famous American sandbaggers: beautiful, crazy boats which were famous in the middle of the XIX century, above all in the waters of New York harbour. As long as 30’, they had such enormous sails that, to counterbalance their effect, very strong hired crews were used to shift sand bags from one side to the other at every tacking, while the owners were in the Club House relaxing over a drink, betting on the result of the regatta. BABY BAGGIE is a small sandbagger of our times: the sandbags have been eliminated, which allows the owner himself, even if not so muscular, to sail the boat in a sailing regatta, but maintaining its refined and elegant profile, a low free board, sufficient width and a generous sail compared to its length. All this makes it fast, powerful and sensitive: a small breeze is sufficient to reach a good speed and with fresh winds it knows how to afford strong emotions, even without expecting acrobatic qualities from the crew. Its weight of less than 60 kg, is higher than that of most other Ten-footers. We have, instead, privileged its solidity. With a Ten-footer a little extra weight is hardly influential from the performance point of view, if it is compensated by increasing the sail surface, and, it may afford greater power when passing over the wave. The strip planking construction of the hull is neither easy nor quick (in relation to its dimension) but we have taken more into consideration the harmony of the profile rather than the requirements of the first-time constructor. The cockpit and the deck are made of plywood and are easy to carry out. We propose two versions of sail, the first with a gaff main and jib, which is closer to tradition, the second with a cat sail plan, which foresees a single main sail with an unstayed mast which is easier and more economical. In the first version, the mast may be built in wood or by using an available aluminum profile.



Length: 3,04 m
Design: Paolo Lodigiani
Round hull, strip planking construction
Diecipiedi Class

Building skills: intermediate

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