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  • How our plans are made

    All our boats are designed with special design, modeling or CAD drawing programs and are supplied in the following forms:

    • bulkheads and planking for chine boat decks.
    • molds and bulkheads for round hull boats (strip planking construction).

    These files (readable with CAD programs) allow you to print the drawings at 1:1 scale or have the elements cut with CNC numerically controlled cutters. Such files can be useful for making work
    quicker and more precise but they are not essential and the PDF files with drawings and instructions contain all the information necessary for building the boat.

    The sheets illustrate all the elements of the boat and are accompanied by:

    • Description of the characteristics of the boat
    • List of materials
    • Building instructions

    For some boats we provide hydrostatic and hydrodynamic data, such as stability curve, resistance data, performance predictions.

  • Study Plan or Complete Plan?

    Study Plans are extracts from the complete plans and allow you to make an in-depth evaluation of the boat and the materials needed for the construction.

    The purchase of the Study Plans entitles you to receive information material in PDF format via email: drawings with overall views, sail plan, longitudinal sections and interior layouts where applicable. These drawings are accompanied by a descriptive text of the boat and the list of materials necessary for construction.
    With the purchase of the Complete Plan you will receive via email, in digital format, all the drawings and instructions necessary for building the boat.

  • Plans in English

    Almost all of our plans, with the relevant instructions, are also available in English. The units of measurement are always those of the SI International System.

  • CE Certification

    Boats built for personal use do not require CE certification, which however must be done by the manufacturer if he wishes to sell them within 5 years of construction.
    We can provide upon request the indication of the design category and the information necessary to carry out the procedures relating to certification.
    Our boats are designed in accordance with the ISO standards relating to pleasure craft, in particular the ISO 12215 and ISO 12217 standards.