• BCA-Demco implementation until 2017

    BCA-Demco's planning activity began in the company's early years but developed gradually. In an initial phase it was limited to small boats whose plans in our catalog were placed alongside the many plans of foreign designers that we then represented in Italy. Over the years, our plans have come to prevail, both in number and in terms of sales, compared to those of foreign designers and therefore they now represent almost all of the plans we offer. Design on behalf of private individuals and shipyards came as a development of self-build design and often derived from relationships of trust established with customers who had built boats from our catalog and appreciated the quality of our service.

    As regards materials, BCA-Demco has a particular specialization in wooden construction, knowing ed
    having directly experimented with all the most modern techniques connected to the use of this material which remains, in our opinion, among the most suitable for the creation of high quality one-off hulls.

    However, he has also gained good experience with glass fibers and composite materials, having directly followed the
    construction of racing boats in these materials.

    As regards the type of boats, our interest is concentrated on sailing, with a very wide range of
    experiences and projects carried out, ranging from racing to cruising, from monohulls to multihulls, from dinghies to medium-large yachts.
    We are less present in motor boating but even in this field we can boast many achievements in the field of small and medium-sized motor boats.

    Finally, we would like to point out that since the beginning of its activity, BCA-Demco has followed with particular attention and depth,
    both from a technical and cultural point of view, the sector of vintage boats and traditional boats.

  • New projects

    BCA-Demco customers interested in having a "tailor-made" project or any other nautical design service
    they can contact Matteo Costa Yacht Design .

  • You can see a small gallery of some of the projects studied by BCA-Demco for private clients and construction sites.


A true Blue Water Pocket Cruiser, a small yacht for traveling safely to distant destinations.

Technical specifications

Length: 7.12 m
Width: 2.45 m
Displacement: 2,800 kg
Sail surface: 29 m2
Construction technique: Strip-planking

Schooner 127

A boat with a markedly classic aesthetic for long voyages in the South Seas.

Technical specifications

Length: 38.25 m
Width: 8.75 m
Displacement: 150,000 kg
Sail surface: 500 m2
Construction technique: Steel - wood

Festina Lente - Wharram Tiki38

Study of design variants in the deck design,
deckhouse, sail plan and systems of a 38 foot catamaran designed by the famous English designer Wharram.

Technical specifications

Length: 11.60 m
Width: 6.20 m
Displacement: 5,600 kg
Sail surface: 67 m2
Construction technique: Marine plywood

Minuet Comfort

Make a Mini Transat habitable for 6 people.

Technical specifications

Length: 6.5m
Width: 3 m
Construction technique: Marine plywood

Fisherman 28

Fisherman designed for deep sea fishing: fast, spacious and trailerable

Technical specifications

Length: 8.34 m
Width: 2.50 m
Displacement: 1500 - 2382 kg
Construction technique:
Marine plywood + Strip-planking

El Niño

El Niño, designed by Matteo Costa, is a dinghy for kids that aims to fill the lack of a single - preparatory to skiffs - capable of completing the training cycle of young athletes who from the Optimist move towards the more demanding classes . Conceived in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan, it stands out for its innovative construction process, which involves the use of biocomposite (linen fibers and cork panels) with a
infusion lamination process.

The project was awarded the XXIII Compasso d'Oro (2014)

Technical specifications

Length: 2.85 m
Width: 1.20 - 1.70 m
Hull weight: 35 kg
Sail surface: 8 m2 (BASE) - 13 m2 (PRO)
Construction technique: Linen-cork-epoxy sandwich

Sava 550

It is a Micro Class designed for a Serbian shipyard with a view to mass production. The topic presented to us was to seek a compromise between the comforts required of a boat that can also be used on coastal cruises and performance that would not make it disfigure in comparison with the more advanced prototypes of the class.

Elyma 25 Hybrid

Boat designed on behalf of the Cantiere del Legno :
Runabout (Elyma 25 Elegance) fast, with classic and streamlined lines, intended for an elite clientele.

Technical specifications

Length: 7.50 m
Width: 2.40 m
Displacement: 2766 kg
Construction technique: Marine plywood

Fisherman 23

Boat designed on behalf of the Cantiere del Legno :
7.3 m Fisherman (Fisherman 23), designed for sport fishing but also suitable for day trips

Technical specifications

Length: 7.30 m
Width: 2.52 m
Displacement: 2400 kg
Construction technique:
Marine plywood + Strip-planking